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Testimonial Mikel


Before I started doing bio-identical hormone replacement therapy I was a 175 lbs with a little insulation around the middle. JD has been with me every step of the way. There has never been a time I reached out and he wasn’t available. The New Age medical staff has unmatched knowledge and drive for my health. Making each client a priority is exactly what they do. 63 going on 40 and loving every day.

Age 63 - Height 6'-0" - Wt. 200 - Waist 31" - Body fat 7.3%

Testimonial Al

Al,New Jersey

Forty is the new twenty! I was tired and sluggish working a very demanding career and being a father. Too tired to work out and was making poor decisions when it came to diet. I contacted New Age Health & Wellness and have been working at becoming a better me with JD. I feel better than ever working out, making smarter food choices and having a great therapy plan from New Age Health & Wellness. I have more energy to make me better in my career, family life and general well being. I highly recommend you be the best “you” and contact New Age Health and Wellness to get started.


Frank, truly goes above and beyond my expectations. Prior to this Clinic, I have had experiences with Andrologix, Core Medical, etc. Nothing even compared to the amount of care, sincerity, and patience I've received from Frank. Frank, under promises and over delivers. My medications are treated with the utmost urgency. They arrive to me prior do when I'm anticipating them. I intend to maintain this relationship for a long time.


I have been working with Frank Tore for a few years. I can not say enough about the help he has given me. Frank always takes his time when dealing with my questions and concerns. He is a man of integrity. I can always count on the information he gives me and make good decisions. My health and strength is at a very high level thanks to him and I plan to work with him for as long as he is available. My job requires me to stay at a high fitness level. I am in my fifties and can compete with people in their twenties and thirties. I recommend Frank Tore for anyone interested in adding quality to their lives, he is well suited for the beginner as well as someone who has a great deal of experience. I highly recommend Frank Tore and New Age and Wellness!


Awesome customer service, great sales, caring employees, great company. They always make me feel like a valued customer/patient.


I thoroughly enjoyed working with Frank and JD at New Age. They have helped many people become and perform better in many aspects of life. Their team is patient and professional in the health and wellness lifestyle. I highly recommend using their services!


Been working with Frank for over 10 years on men's health and wellness. He's the best.


Professional, helpful, and all around great!


Excellent care and superb customer service... Highly recommend

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