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New Age Health and Wellness

At New Age Health and Wellness we fully understand the importance of placing your trust in someone regarding your medical needs. With our medical staff specializing in Anti-Aging, we are constantly striving to ensure that our clients are getting the best treatment for their personal needs. Symptoms are not the same for everyone, so ensuring each plan of care is catered to your specific needs is our top priority.With our medical staff specializing in Anti-Aging, we are constantly striving to ensure that our clients are getting the best treatment for their personal needs. Symptoms are not the same for everyone, so ensuring each plan of care is catered to your specific needs is our top priority.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What benefits should I expect from being on a Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Hormone therapy has an extensive variety of advantages relying upon every individual patient. A large number of our patients encounter better charisma, vitality, fat misfortune, expanded quality and bulk, enhanced rest, upgraded recuperation and star grouping of other mental and physical advantages.

What is hormone replacement?

Hormone Replacement Therapy is preventive medicine that is given to both men and women whose essential hormone levels drop, due to aging.

Why can't I get testosterone from my primary physician?

Most doctors are not up to speed on testosterone replacement therapy and proper techniques for maximum results. Our doctors are specialists with vast experience in hormone optimization and can set up efficient, safe and affordable therapies that deliver real results.

Does hormone replacement help me lose weight?

You got it! Hormone optimization helps with weight loss. If you haven’t changed your eating patterns or lifestyle and you are gaining weight, it is likely due to hormone depletion AKA aging.

How long it takes to start treatment?

After talking to one of our Medical Practitioners you can start treatment as little as 3 days. Schedule your appointment now and get back the control of your life.

Do you have therapies that reduce body fat?

Yes we certainly do. Our doctors have a vast array of medications as well as nutritional and exercise regimens that are highly effective in reducing body fat percentage.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

If you were asked what system of your body remained the most important, you would likely think of your cardiovascular tissues. And while having blood pumping is a crucial thing to depend on, much of your involuntary muscles activate from hormones. Your body’s hormones are what triggers responses from other glands to keep you safe. For instance, your endocrine system releases adrenaline when you find yourself in a dangerous situation. At New Age Health and Wellness, we provide solutions that target your endocrine system to maintain a happier, healthier body. By acting as the trusted choice in hormone replacement therapy, we treat several areas of wellness with lasting results. When you meet with an anti aging doctor from our staff, it means receiving the care you need to continue feeling like you’re at your best. Schedule your consultation today and find the treatments that work for your needs now.

Hormone Therapy Health and Wellness Center

As your body ages, it changes the number of hormones it releases, as well as how much remains present. You wouldn’t want a constant stream of pain blocking and euphoria signals when you were severely injured because then you might not treat your wounds properly.

By monitoring and maintaining a consistent level of certain hormones, we can help you navigate the changes your body naturally makes. That can help you feel more energized and get your motivation back in many different areas of your life.

Whether you’re searching for effective erectile dysfunction treatments or have specific healthcare needs, our staff ensures that you receive the personalized attention you require each time. Hormone therapy requires an experienced medical team, as well as the professional background you can trust for each visit. No one else provides safe and practical treatments to more patients seeking hormone therapy solutions.

Schedule your appointment today with our local medical experts and receive the care you need the most.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

When you were a teen, you could fast food for all three meals and wind up losing weight. Today, however, if you smell a burger, you seem to put on an additional five pounds. As you get older, you react differently to the activities you have always enjoyed doing before. Whether that means developing a sudden fear of heights, a sluggish metabolism, or even physical changes, you need help finding balance again.

We provide hormone replacement therapy for both male and female patients, introducing specific chemicals that naturally wane as people age. For example, women would receive a boost of a particular estrogen group, while men would likely need to improve their levels of testosterone.

By adding the compounds that you have already lost back into your system, you can mitigate many of the unpleasant side effects of aging. If you are ready to turn back the clock, call us today and learn more.

HGH Clinic

By now, you’ve likely seen multiple food labels in the grocery store advertising products that remain free of HGH additives. However, are you sure that you know what it is that they do, or why you may or may not need them? Human Growth Hormone is a compound that has already gotten banned by many professional sports leagues. It is a naturally-occurring chemical produced by your pituitary gland that is responsible for your growth spurts as a kid. However, it isn’t something that you want just to pour a glass of and drink as it can cause complications without a professional administer. If you don’t take a prescribed amount or you purchase it illegally online, it could create severe symptoms or lasting damage. HGH requires a healthcare professional to avoid unnecessary medical complications. If you have a specific disease or disorder that impacts your natural HGH production, we want to discuss your options today.

IV Therapy

IV therapy is a new take on older medical technology. You already know that when medicine gets administered intravenously, it relies on injecting the solution directly into your bloodstream. Today, however, IV drips and infusions do more than keep you adequately hydrated during surgical procedures. Instead, they can provide a variety of solutions, from needing a boost of vitamins to help your liver and kidneys recover faster from a long weekend. Whatever might have you feeling rundown, our staff is sure to provide relief. If you were to take vitamins and supplements orally, however, you would only receive a fraction of their benefits. See why this practical method of boosting your vitamin levels has profound effects for most patients. If you’re interested in replacing your lost nutrients, contact us for the most direct way of doing so.

Peptide Treatments

Most of your body remains made up of strands of proteins, some of which create specific reactions. Some of these protein chains, called peptide, work with many different areas, including how quickly you can lose weight, your sexual health, and even your memory.

Our staff provides a variety of different peptides to use in combating the most common symptoms of aging that most adults hate. Whether you’re sick of walking into a room and forgetting why, or merely you’ve stopped feeling like yourself, we may have the ideal solution for your needs.

The selection of peptides that we provide can help you repair from many different events. From promoting better healing following a physical trauma to helping you regain control over your appetite, we have the answers you need daily.

Contact us to discover more about peptides and peptide replacement therapy whether they can benefit you. No one else provides more solutions than our staff does daily.

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