Erectile Dysfunction

There are various factors in a man’s body that play a lead in shaping an erection. It is a mix of physical properties, for example, the nerves, muscles, and veins and also mental and synthetic characteristics including the cerebrum, hormones, and feelings. An issue with any of these variables can prompt one of the three principle side effects of erectile brokenness:

  • Experiencing a loss of sexual desire.
  • Being unable to maintain an erection.
  • Being unable to get an erection.

Erectile Dysfunction Causes

A noteworthy reason for erectile brokenness is low testosterone. As specialists take in more about your body’s hormones and how they function, confirmation may point to hormonal awkwardness as an ED cause. Low testosterone, among numerous other crippling indications, can harm a man’s sex drive and erectile capacity.

Some of the other causes of erectile dysfunction include:

  • High blood pressure
  • Tobacco
  • Depression
  • Medical treatments like prostate surgery or radiation therapy
  • Anxiety
  • Heart disease
  • Alcohol or drug use
  • Nerve damage
  • High cholesterol
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes

ED Therapy

For many men, one of the worst signs of aging is losing out on their libido. Unfortunately, it seems as though every product on the market claiming to make a difference remains little more than a placebo. And while you could get a prescription for drugs to help, most have side effects that just aren’t worth using them for long. As a result, most aging men assume that there’s nothing more that they can do. At New Age Health and Wellness, we remain committed to natural approaches to keeping you healthy, as well as enhancing your overall physical and mental wellbeing. Our ED therapy replaces the lost hormones that already occur within your body, helping you to ease your symptoms of aging and begin feeling like yourself. Bioidentical hormone therapy has gotten successfully used for female patients living with menopause symptoms, and we offer the same program to you as well. To learn more about what ED therapy can do for you, contact us today and schedule your consultation.

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

As much as it would thrill everyone, no magic pill exists that can reset the clock on your body’s natural aging process. However, through supervised treatments of hormone replacement, we can assist you in navigating your later years. Our system isn’t just medical, however, and we work with you to define the ideal fitness and nutrition plan to help you repair your body more efficiently. By targeting specific hormones that your body has slowed production on and keeping you active and eating right, you will discover a noticeable difference in your everyday life. Too many men believe that they should feel as healthy and strong as they did in their 20s as they do in their 60s. Because medical science has continued improving the quality of life for many, men can have unrealistic expectations for themselves. Through bioidentical hormone therapy, we can help you rediscover your inner strength and vitality without gimmick products that won’t work. To learn more about how ED therapy can help you, then contact our staff today and schedule your initial bioidentical hormone consultation.

Why Do I Need ED Therapy?

Did you know that men have their own version of menopause? Andropause is a condition that affects a small percentage of aging men, although everyone, to a degree, goes through these changes. Most noticeable, as your testosterone levels drop, so does your libido. Mentally, that can cause changes as well, including decreased feelings of confidence and self-worth. While ED therapy is not a Fountain of Youth, it does assist your body in aging more gracefully. As we replace the compounds your body ceases producing, we can help you mitigate the harsh changes that occur over time. Not only will ED therapy help in the bedroom, but it also improves your quality of life in many different areas. From preventing further muscle loss to preventing worsening depression symptoms, it’s no wonder why more men choose New Age Health and Wellness for ED help.

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