At New Age Health and Wellness, we fully understand the importance of placing your trust in someone regarding your medical needs. With our medical staff specializing in Anti-Aging, aesthetic procedures, mental health, sports medicine, and cardiology, we are constantly striving to ensure that our clients are getting the best treatment for their personal needs. Symptoms are not the same for everyone, so ensuring each plan of care is catered to your specific needs is our top priority.

Knowing where your medications are coming from is paramount. So many places look at quantity over quality. At New Age Health and Wellness, we only use pharmacies that have the leading accreditations and licenses. This ensures that what your putting in your body is only the best.

  • PCAB Accreditation Press Release
  • International Peptide Society Accreditation
  • FDA Registered 503B Outsourcing Facility
  • In full compliance with the FDA’s standards for CGMP

What do you get when you chose New Age Health and Wellness for your personal health needs?

First and foremost, you get prompt service. We know that when you have a concern or question you not only need the proper answer, but you need it fast. This is your personal health we are dealing with, waiting for a call and wondering is just unacceptable. Times are changing with medicine; new and more convenient ways are emerging every day to allow you the have best chance of conquering the wide range meaning of “health and wellness”. We offer a full line of cosmetic procedures, IV therapy, we even go to lengths to help you mentally and physically with our board-certified staff. So many things come into play with health and wellness, let us show you hormones are just the tip of the iceberg.

You will always be in good hands with New Age Health and Wellness, meet our medical staff:

Dr. Steven E. Rahman, MD

Board Certified Physician

Dr. Bonnie D. Gasquet-Johnson, MD

Board Certified Internist

Carol Van Dusen M.S., .LM.H.C. P.A.

Certified Psychotherapist

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